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Giovannetti Collezioni

Vintage Anfibio Sofa 3-seater by Alessandro Becchi

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Please meet this beautiful vintage in completely original state Anfibio sofa.

This version is designed to seat three people and also includes the same innovative convertible mechanism that allows it to transform into a bed.

The Anfibio Sofa Bed 3-seater has a wooden frame with a slatted base, and the backrest can be lifted and tilted forward to reveal a hidden bed. It also features buttons on the side of the frame to secure the cushions in place.

This version of the Anfibio Sofa Bed is designed to provide comfortable seating for three people during the day, while also providing a comfortable bed for one or two people at night. It is available in a range of fabric options and finishes to suit different interior styles, and its versatility and functionality make it a popular choice for people living in small apartments or houses where space is limited.

The Anfibio sofa bed is widely recognized as a design classic from the 1970s and has been exhibited in several museums and galleries around the world. Its innovative design and functional approach to furniture continue to inspire designers and furniture makers today.

Width: 250 cm
Lengts: 100 cm
Height: 74 cm 

Enrich your home with conscious, intentional and vintage pieces.

By enriching your interior with intentional and vintage pieces, you make a conscious environmental choice.