POP-UP: CU-RA-TED & friends

In 2023 we hosted our first POP-UP. The perfect opportunity to meet and connect with people in real life. Exchanging positive energy with everybody who wants and an intentional way of living. In 2024 this event evolved in CU-RA-TED & friends. A series of pop-ups where CU-RA-TED sets a framework for interior & art enthusiasts. Gallery meets store is the best way to describe the CU-RA-TED POP-UP events.

Connect with you favorite artist or sourcer and exchange your love for intentional selling & buying.

Please have a look at our special friends-collection page to learn more about the CU-RA-TED friends and their collections.

Interested in hosting an event or participating as a friend? Please send an email to elies@cu-ra-ted.design.

A list of recent pop-ups.

POP-UP Amsterdam I
POP-UP Amsterdam II