About us

At our company, we have a passion for capturing the timeless essence of design and curating it into magnificent collections. We believe that old designs can still complement modern homes perfectly, and our collection boasts iconic pieces from over fifty years ago that feel as contemporary today as they did then. These designers were true visionaries who created pieces that continue to inspire and impress.Our dedication to finding unique and exquisite items that others may have overlooked is unwavering. However, we also believe that new visionaries have a place in our vision, and we seek to create the perfect match for your home by incorporating a variety of designs. Ultimately, we believe that you know your home and your character best and should select pieces that make you feel a sense of pride, joy, and wonder every day.The search for these rare beauties requires patience, but we consider the stories behind each piece to be the cherry on top of everything. We make every effort to uncover the fascinating stories behind our collection and present them to you in a way that enhances your appreciation of these exquisite designs.