Are you looking for ways to improve on your sustainability as a company or for your own home? Adding vintage, pre-owned and circular furniture is a perfect way to do this. It is a very visible way to improve your social responsibility as a company, hotel, store, home or restaurant. And at the same time it is perfect to keep your value, as you may know timeless design will most likely increase in value throughout the years. But we know it's also very time consuming to find the perfect fit. 

We can help you look with your search request. We have a strong focus on Dutch design, Scandinavian design and iconic design. Please contact Elies at with your request or questions. She is very happy to help!


Moma Beauty 

For a beautiful office space the assignment was to find pre-owned iconic Dutch design. Do you spot a lot of Moooi?

Moooi Fargo large

Moooi common comrades
Moooi carpet

Moooi balls table
Moooi construction lamp m

Privat search

This Artemide (tolomeo decentrata) lamp was on the wishlist for a long time of this household. Finding a nice second hand item was real challenge because not all these lamps have it's original lampshapes or lack a good condition.

Project no 12

Of course my own home is filled with pre-owned / vintage items. It's a beautiful mid century style bungalow from he 60's in a new and more modern coat. You can find it as well on Instagram. Next to a sustainable interior, we also improved our home throughout the last 7 years with regards to sustainability on other levels. It's completely isolated, we got sun-reflecting roofs, solar-panels and we have a green garden with a lot of recycled materials. We will improve more in the months and years to come.

Magazine rack by Giotto Stoppino
Side table Giotto Stoppino
Hay throw
Ferm living planter


Iconic Eames Lounge chair 3rd generation

pre-owned Bolia floor lamp

Eames LCM Lounge chair

Vintage Pippistrello 

old ceramics
Table Madsen & Schubel

Marble side table
Brattrud dining chair

Roly Poly chair by Faye Toogood

pre-owned Bolia side table

old light holder glass
Eames Lounge chair

pre-owned Flos Snoopy lamp
Brattrud dining chair
Hay vase
Ferm living bowl 
Fest Amsterdam light holder
Hay throw dots

Currently working on Project no 102

For this new project I'm collaborating with the amazingly talented Wieke from No Rules Interior. Stay tuned!