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Kurva lounge chair by Yngve Ekstrom 50's (rent only)

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I feel this is a very feminine chair due to it's thin yet curvy posture. It's old and the frame is telling you that in a nice patinated way. The old sheepskin was completely worn out. So this chair got herself a new sheepskin dress. 

About the refurbishement:
The chosen sheepskin is sheepskin that is always used by Swedese for these chairs. In this case the chosen fabric is a little more special because the sheepskin consists of recycled waste pieces that have been sewn together into whole skins, so-called patchwork. The canvas and frames have not been touched an stayed in their original state with the amount of patina.

She turned out gracefully beautiful and has great comfort. The Kurva lounge chair is the precursor for the more well known Swedese Lamino chair.


Designer: Yngve Ekstrom
Brand: Swedese
Origin : Sweden
Period : 1950's
Condition : Perfect
Colour : White
Main material : Wool


Width : 66 cm
Height : 101 cm
Depth : 80 cm

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